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3 pack Room Sprays – Brand New Fragrances


Bundle includes x1 each of the following:

  • Cotton & Linen Triple Scented Room Spray (130ml)
  • French Lavender Triple Scented Room Spray (130ml)
  • Lotus Flower Triple Scented Room Spray (130ml)

This Month’s Special Offer Limited Edition Room Spray description:

  • Cotton & Linen: Envelope yourself in a blend of clean cotton and fresh linen reminiscent of childhood dreams. As you light the Cotton & Linen candle, be transported back to your childhood and the thrill of bedtime after a long day. This fragrance will make you want to snuggle into the comfort of a freshly made bed with tightly tucked sheets.
  • French Lavender: Relaxing notes of French lavender and lilac. This sweet and gentle fragrance will promote calmness, wellness and reduce stress. As you light the Lavender candle, you will feel the stress of the day slowly start to ease and be replaced with a sense of calm and wellness. The French lavender and lilac fragrance will create an atmosphere of relaxation with an overall feeling of wellness in your chosen space.
  • Lotus Flower: These floral notes of camellia and lotus flower is reminiscent of a summer breeze and embody rebirth and spiritual enlightenment.  As you light the Lotus Flower candle, open yourself to the power of spiritual enlightenment and rebirth that this candle provides. Allow yourself to drift on a floral summer breeze as the fragrance creates a warm, summery atmosphere in your chosen space.


The limited edition room sprays will instantly freshen, lighten and transform the feel in any room. In just a few sprays, create a warm, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Ideal to use right before guests arrive, simply use a few quick sprays and transform your space instantly.

All room sprays are safe for furniture, furnishings, clothing and are hand poured using the highest quality natural fragrance. Use your room spray to lightly spray on lounges, cushions and linen to freshen your room. Each room spray will last for up to 1,000 sprays!


  • 130ml spray bottle

Australian Made

Note: we recommend completing a spot test before spraying directly on any furniture. Keep away from children. Avoid spraying near eyes or mouth. Rinse out immediately if it comes in contact with eyes or mouth.


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