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The Be Enlightened Journey Manifesting Your Way To Success

(4 customer reviews)


The Be Enlightened Journey is your guide to having it all without getting off track. Michelle is a self-made business women, author and working mum she shares her secrets to manifesting success. You are invited to use the tools in this book to become the driver in your life and discover for yourself the true meaning of manifestation.

4 reviews for The Be Enlightened Journey Manifesting Your Way To Success

  1. Abby

    Love them.

  2. Phillip Manfredi

    Michelle brings great inspiration and ideas throughout this book which I have started to put into action for both myself and my family. A good book to read again and again for thoughts and ideas on ways to improve yourself or to motivate yourself and others.

  3. Andy

    An amazing read especially if you need guidance or know someone who does , i love the steps michelle gives you to manifest a new start ahead, not to mention the meanings of each candle which relates to what i need or feel at the time. Candle therapy is amazing ! So special and gives us time out to rest and reflect

  4. Sharon byers

    Hi Michelle, I am a big fan of your products and have a good collection but I am disappointed I can’t find the silver candle sleeve on thing I don’t have and would love to purchase.

    • Michelle

      Hi Sharon, unfortunately we are completely sold out of all candle sleeves.

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