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Our New Look

Our new and improved look was designed to hide any air bubbles and discolouration but still give you that beautiful warm glow. Eliminating the liquid dye in the wax keeps the fragrance more pure and natural, this in turn gives you a cleaner burn. We know you love your colour so you can enjoy our beautiful pastel hues in the label and packaging. All our formulas remain exactly the same.

Our Scents

Having a world renowned perfumer work on our fragrances gives our products a sense of sophistication. Our fragrances are designed to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in people’s homes. We have created high-quality home fragrance products that will make your home feel more comfortable and inviting and create a sensory experience that will enhance your daily life.

Our New Range

Be Enlightened has made some exciting updates to our product line! The larger size of the 2 wick candle jar will provide more burn time and fragrance for customers to enjoy. The addition of a new white plastic lid with a butterfly embossed on top adds an elegant touch to the candle’s appearance.

The diffuser bottle has changed to a 10-sided cut glass jar in a diamond shape, and the 80ml increase in size will provide customers with even more fragrance to enjoy. Additionally, the new dropper included with the 50ml Essential & Fragrant Oils will make it easier for customers to add their desired amount of fragrance to their Aroma Diffuser.

We hope our products continue to bring joy and delight to all our customers.

Enlighten your life today xx

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