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Coconut & Lime 30ml Triple Scented Essential and Fragrant Oil $1.33/ML


Allow the sweet and tantalising aroma of a musky coconut and cool sparkling lime to carry you away to a tropical retreat.


Coconut & Lime essential and fragrant oil is best used with our glass ultrasonic aroma diffuser. As your Coconut & Lime essential fragrant oil sprays out of the glass ultrasonic diffuser, embrace the energy of joy that the fragrance provides.

To feel an extra level of joy repeat the affirmation: I resonate at an energy vibration of joy. I feel my life moving ahead with ease and I continue to be grateful.

Instantly freshen, lighten and transform the ambience in any room with the essential fragrant oil. Create a warm, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere with the continuous and intermittent diffuser options.

All essential fragrant oils are hand poured and bottled using the highest quality essential oils.

Simply add a few drops into your ultrasonic aroma air diffuser with water and allow the fragrance to enlighten your space and last for hours at a time. You can also use your vanilla essential fragrant oil to top up the fragrance on your car fragrance card and add the scent to our scented jewellery range.

All essential and fragrant oils are Australian Made and owned.