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Vanilla 50ml Triple Scented Parfum


Warm and comforting vanilla combined with rich caramel, coconut and fresh hazelnuts to create this truly decadent and sweet aroma.


As the Vanilla perfume (50ml) scent floats gently around you, embrace the feeling of comfort the parfum provides. To feel an extra level of comfort repeat the affirmation: I am comfortable in my own skin. I am willing to feel. It is safe to be me. The vanilla fragrance with hints of caramel, coconut and hazelnut will provide an instant comfort as the fragrance lingers around you.

This oil based parfum will envelope you with intoxicating fragrance and the triple scented finely blended notes are specifically designed to last for hours.

The Vanilla perfume (50ml) bottle arrives in a beautiful black satin lined box. The satin lined box perfectly complements the elegant parfum spray bottle to provide a luxurious unboxing experience and perfect gift option.

All parfums are hand poured using the highest quality fragrance oil, all Be Enlightened’s perfume are classified as parfums.

What is the difference between parfum and perfume?

Perfumes are alcohol based and have a higher alcohol concentration. Parfums on the other hand are oil based and have a higher concentration of fragrance oil for a longer lasting scent than perfumes.


  • 50ml Parfum spray bottle
  • Black satin lined box


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